Creme Bunny Tufts

Creme Bunny Tufts
Creme Bunny Tufts Creme Bunny Tufts Creme Bunny Tufts
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100 % Angora Rabbit Fiber Specially prepared for tail spinning - Per 2 oz. box. There is a link provided on the home page, check it out when you purchase a tail spin kit. It will help you to understand that the Angora Rabbits have been sheared very carefully with the intention of tail spinning this luxurious fiber. The kits comes packed in a clear plastic container to keep all the precious fibers going in a very specific direction properly aligned.  The box contains 2 onces, which can spin approx. 48 yards worsted weight depending on the individual spinner. If you are carding by hand or machine, this will make your job SO much easier and it will feed in perfectly no matter what you are blending it with.  The more bunny you use the more of a halo you will get in the yarn or fiber.  I have kept all the natural colors separate, but you could special order a blend of different colors. I recommend not dying until you have tail spun the yarn. Check out second picture to see finished yarn.

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