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107 yards of hand spun thick and thin, somewhat bulky Suri Alpaca & Angora Rabbit Blend natural ..
357 Yards hand spun Suri Alpaca white & brown swirl is a wonderful natural color, but Ill bet ..
Natural color with all the luster of both animals, hand carded & handspun together into 148 yard..
Handspun 80% Angora Rabbit blended with Suri Alpaca. The over twist made the cutest little spirals t..
Pure Angora Rabbit, Lady Gaga is one of my first rabbits and she is a deva, so soft. I have spun her..
Angora Rabbit Alpaca blend & Dyed Silk, handspun and dyed Brilliant Blue carded with Silk &..
177 yards of hand spun natural brown Alpaca plied with Mohair & rainbow colored cotton cocoons.&..
Angora Rabbit natural white core spun think and plied with handspun and hand dyed rainbow silk. The ..
This is an amazingly thick and thin yarn spun with Romney Sheep wool and plied  with ..
Ultra Fine Merino, hand spun Thin & thinner the variegated natural color is most interesting wit..
Babydoll Sheep spun extra large at some points 1/2 inch wide and very soft and bouncy. This yarn has..
Lady Gaga, pure English Angora Rabbit hand spun and plied with white silk thread almost a boucle. 58..
  Angora Rabbit, core spun medium bulky 44 yards of soft and strong yarn that will create a ..
Angora Rabbit & Suri Alpaca blend 20/80. One skein spun bulky and One skein spun&..
Angora Rabbit & Suri Alpaca blend 20/80. One skein spun bulky and One skein spun&..
Angora Rabbit, French Satin. Mr Adams was kind enough to donate his fiber to blend with Suri Alpaca ..
This was so much fun to spin big! Babydoll Sheep with intermittent Angora Rabbit Alpaca blend added ..
Click on the following link for directions for the Ashly Anns Hands "Make Your Own Lavender Scented ..
Extra Bulky Tail spun hand picked and dyed Mulberry.  Core spun on Hemp, so thick & heavy i..
Below is the link to our video tutorial on Prism Locks Dying using Country Classic Dyes. Enjoy! &..
Angora Rabbit Alpaca blend & dyed Sari Silk. Handspun & dyed Cherry carded with Tie dyed Sar..
45 Yards of handspun Alpaca & Grey English Angora Rabbit on a core and plied with hand spun whit..
Just too cute. A fun accent for any plant or Christmas tree. Kit includes 16 yards of yarn enough to..
 A New Resource for Fiber Artists Pam Blasko of Dream Come True Farm and Ashly Ann Bartholom..
Hand spun with the curls out Bluefaced Leicester Sheep. This yarn is so interesting, most yarn avail..
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